Mystic Reliability

Wind Link

Replacing fossil fuels & greening Greater Boston.


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Enabling a reliable renewable energy
future for Greater Boston.

The Mystic Reliability Wind Link will:

Repurpose old power plant sites to support clean, renewable energy

Build the infrastructure needed for fast and efficient expansion of offshore wind power

Strengthen Greater Boston’s electricity grid

Minimize onshore disruptions

fossil fuels

Creating jobs and
economic growth

the environment


The Project

New England’s largest fossil fuel power plant, Mystic Generating Station (shown above) must close by June 2024. Anbaric’s Mystic Reliability Wind Link will replace it by bringing clean offshore wind power from Southeast Massachusetts directly to Greater Boston.


Greening Greater Boston

  • Build the infrastructure to scale renewable energy and quickly reduce carbon emissions
  • Avoid the need to upgrade existing onshore power lines and the expensive, disruptive construction that goes with it
  • Create a path for offshore wind energy to reach Greater Boston


Replacing Fossil Fuels

  • Retire and repurpose New England’s largest fossil fuel plant: the oil- and natural-gas-burning Mystic Generating Station
  • Reduce Greater Boston’s reliance on fossil fuel plants by efficiently delivering reliable, clean power to where it’s needed most
  • Make Greater Boston’s energy system more affordable, renewable and fair


Building Smart Infrastructure

Transmission systems are designed to last 100 years. We have a once-in-a-century opportunity to build infrastructure that meets our reliability needs and clean energy goals.

  • Replace a fossil fuel plant and upgrade the electric grid to expand our renewable energy portfolio
  • Build long-term, reliable and modern infrastructure to catalyze economic growth
  • Attract companies, institutions, and families seeking environmentally-responsible and economical power


On-Time & On-Budget

Anbaric is a proven renewable energy infrastructure developer. Our team helped spearhead two 660-megawatt underground and undersea transmission projects connecting New Jersey and New York. Both were completed on-time and on-budget. Both projects used union labor and Anbaric is committed to using union labor for Mystic Reliability Wind Link.


Our Collaborators

Anbaric’s industry-leading collaborators bring decades of experience designing, constructing, and operating major transmission projects in New England and around the world.


Mystic News

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June 1, 2020

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April 21, 2020

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